Flocabulary is proud to work with talented rappers, lyricists, artists and producers from around the world. In Extra Credit, we take a few minutes to show you the creative minds behind your favorite Flocabulary videos. 

Meet Sammus.

Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo is a doctoral candidate at Cornell University and former teacher. She writes and performs around the world (and for Flocabulary!) under the name Sammus.

In this episode of Extra Credit, learn:

  • What she loves about being a Flocab rapper
  • Which musical artists influence her
  • Her advice for students performing their rhymes
  • ...and more!

Listen to Sammus’s Flocab Songs

Have you been jamming along to a Sammus song without even knowing it? Hear her voice and lyrics on these Flocab units:

Earth's History
hyperbole-image-player.jpg sci-earths-history-player.jpg
Bar Graphs  


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