Developing Young Citizens of the World

In just ten minutes every Friday, get students thinking critically and communicating about global events and issues. Week in Rap Junior is an easily implementable resource that engages students in media literacy while empowering them as young citizens of the world. We saw teachers on social media doing this and calling it their "Flocab Friday." We loved the idea and thought other teachers would, too!

A new Week in Rap Junior is published every Thursday night, so teachers can preview and share it for Friday morning. The video covers 3-4 stories from that week’s international and national, science and technology, and human and cultural interest stories. The associated discussion questions ask students to articulate their opinions and support them with evidence, make connections to other events, and reflect on their own background and experience.


How to Implement #FlocabFriday in 10 Minutes

  1. Watch the Week in Rap Junior as a class (2 minutes)
  2. Watch it again, this time in Discuss mode (8 minutes)
      a. With Discuss mode enabled, the video will automatically pause at key moments and pose discussion questions. There are 3-5 of them per video.


    b. For each question, have students engage in the prompt through a partner turn and talk, small or large group discussion or a short debate. Sample Discuss mode prompts have included:
         • Do you think robots should have the same rights as people? Why or why not?
         • What are some ways young people can help Puerto Rico after the hurricane?
         • What do you think are some challenges refugee children face?
         • Do you think governments should have the right to control what people see on TV? Why or why not?

Have more than 10 minutes? Dive deeper with:

Vocabulary | Close Reading | Writing and Student Creativity


  1. Direct students to the Lyrics section of the Week in Rap Junior page.
  2. As a whole class, go through the lyrics of the song, clicking on each of the key vocabulary words to look at the definition and discuss as a class where else you might find those words and in what contexts.
  3. Assign the Vocabulary Cards to students, where students will practice writing sentences and examples of the words, drawing pictures and making connections to the vocab words.

Close Reading

  1. Click on the first Read & Respond and read the passage aloud as a class.
  2. Model close reading strategies—like checking for understanding, defining unknown words in context and making inferencesas you read.
  3. Ask the students to vote on the correct answer from the multiple choice options and have students explain why they made the choice they did. Assign students Read & Respond for the remaining passages and questions.

Writing & Student Creativity

  1. Use the weekly Week in Rap Junior Shout-Out prompt to spark student creativity and support writing skills. Have students use Lyric Lab to write their response to the shout-out prompt from this week's video. Their response can take the form of rap or rhyme.
  2. Submit your students' work here for a chance to be shouted out in an upcoming Week in Rap Junior video!


#FlocabFriday in Practice



Cheryl Van Laeken
5th Grade Teacher
Milford, IN


"My kids really like watching the Week in Rap Junior, because it's engaging. I also like the length of the Week in Rap Junior, too. It only take a few minutes and the discussions can linger for days.

"On the days that my kids are responsible for the news, some of them have started creating Google Form quizzes to make sure their peers are listening and comprehending their news stories. They did this all on their own and it has been AWESOME. I think #FlocabFriday could easily be implemented!"



Elizabeth Harris
3rd Grade Teacher
Guthrie, OK


"We watch the Week in Rap every Friday as part of our morning meeting. We usually watch it, then discuss it as a group. The kids look forward to it every week and even go home and talk about it with their parents."


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