Implementation Ideas for Every Subject

Want more ways to incorporate Flocab into your curriculum? We’ve created these lesson plans to complement and enhance your instruction, whether you're introducing concepts, mastering key terms and ideas or reviewing before exams. Oh, and each lesson plan is standards-aligned, so keeping students engaged and on-track just became synonymous.

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Elementary School Lesson Plans

Select your subject: Language Arts | Social Studies | STEM | Social Emotional Learning | Vocabulary


subject_color_languageArts  Language Arts

subject_color_socialStudiesSocial Studies



subject_color_lifeSkills  Social Emotional Learning


subject_color_vocabulary subject_color_vocabularysubject_color_vocabularysubject_color_vocabularyVocabulary 


Middle & High School Lesson Plans

Select your subject: Language Arts | Social Studies | Science | Math | Social Emotional Learning | Vocabulary


subject_color_languageArts Language Arts


subject_color_socialStudies Social Studies


subject_color_science Science


subject_color_math Math


subject_color_lifeSkills Social Emotional Learning


subject_color_vocabulary Vocabulary


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