What's New with Flocabulary:
Empowering Student Voice with Reading Comprehension Skills Across the Curriculum

April 21st @ 5:30 EDT

Join our webinar as we introduce new ways to engage students through standards-aligned hip-hop videos and instructional activities. Flocabulary’s newly launched features and content take the program students already love to the next level by supporting comprehension skills across the curriculum through targeted skill practice and text evidence!

During the webinar, we will highlight new features and how they can be used including:

  • Flocabulary Mix: A feature that allows a teacher to pair a Skill Video with a Video Text, designed to guide students through a close viewing and analysis of a story or text and build comprehension skills
    • Comprehension Skill Videos: Short videos that provide direct instruction of key comprehension skills such as finding the main idea of a text or analyzing an author’s point of view
    • Video Texts: Engaging nonfiction and fiction hip-hop videos covering diverse topics ranging from science and social studies to original and existing fiction, art, and music
  • Break it Down: A new comprehension activity that can be applied to any Flocabulary lesson to support student analysis, build habits of gathering text evidence to support an answer, and challenge students to synthesize their thoughts